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Electromechanical level measurement

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Electromechanical level measurement

Electromechanical level measurement sensing weight is let down on a measuring tape by means of a counter wheel. The tensile pressure of the load is decreased because it hits the product floor. That is identified, the path of rotation of the motor reversed and the tape rewound. Because the sensing weight strikes downwards, the revolutions of the wheel have counted the usage of a non-contact approach. Each depends pulse corresponds to an outlined period. The extent is acquired by means of subtracting this period from the full period (tank peak).


Solo pilot FMM50 is an Electromechanical level measurement. Relying on the sensing weight, the extent can also be measured in packing containers or silos with dusty, fine-grained or coarse-grained bulk solids or in tanks with liquids.


  • Top-reliability degree size of powder, fine-grained or coarse-grained bulk solids
  • Protected measurements in extraordinarily dusty environments
  • Absolutely digital virtual minimal fail-safe regulate, subsequently no working down of the sensor weight into the silo outlet and no chance to the conveying techniques
  • Fast menu-guided native operation the usage of a Four-line textual content show
  • Top efficiency three-phase engine (traction energy as much as 500N) the usage of a single-phase provide voltage by means of employment of a converter, subsequently easy electrical provider
  • Not obligatory design with certification for utility in spaces matter to mud explosion danger zones 20, 21 and 22 (measuring zone) or zones 21 and 22 (software zone), class 1/2D

Previous seafarers used a weight on a rope to check the intensity to the ground of the ocean. In business degree size, the elemental concept of sounding continues to be applied to the Electromechanical level measurement. The place different size strategies are restricted, packages involving bulk solids predominantly use Electromechanical level measurement.


  • The results of size aren’t suffering from environmental components as sound waves, mud, static electrical energy, humidity and dielectric and many others. Can also be extensively implemented for packages in mining, cement, petrochemical, feeding and tool crops.
  • Appropriate for a distinct number of fabrics as powder, pellet, liquid, and in addition just right for open tanks or sealed tank without an inside force inside of.
  • Operating completely with a tool of the subject material control device, as it should be tracking and managing the extent of fabrics within the tank.
  • Protected size in extraordinarily dusty environments
  • Powerful device with top tensile pressure prevents breakdown because of an immersed weight

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